Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sad Wings of Destiny

Judas Priest - Sad Wings of Destiny(1976)

Side A

1. "Victim of Changes"  (7:47)
2. "The Ripper"  (2:50)
3. "Dreamer Deceiver"  (5:51)
4. "Deceiver"  (2:40)

Side B

1. "Prelude"  (2:02)
2. "Tyrant"  (4:28)
3. "Genocide"  (5:51)
4. "Epitaph"  (3:08)
5. "Island of Domination"  (4:32)

Judas Priest - Dreamer Deceiver & Deceiver

Standing by my window 
Breathing summer breeze 
Saw a figure floating, 'neath the willow trees 
Asked us if we were happy 
We said we didn't know 
Took us by the hands and up we go 

We followed the dreamer 
Through the purple hazy clouds 
He could control our sense of time 
We thought we were lost 
But no matter how we tried 
Everyone was in peace of mind 

We felt the sensations drift inside our frames 
Finding complete contentment there 
And all the tensions that hurt us in the past 
Just seemed to vanish in thin air 

He said in the cosmos is a single sonic sound 
That is vibrating constantly 
And if we could grip and hold on to the note 
We would see our minds were free... 
Oh they're free 

We are lost above 
Floating way up high 
If you think you can find a way 
You can surely try

Solar winds are blowing 
Neutron star controlling 
All is lost, doomed and tossed 
At what cost forever 

Meteors fly around me 
Comets die, and then they 
And then they 
You wanna see how they try to surround me 
I can say, here today 
We shall stay forever 

If you want to find us in a hurry 
Oh let me tell you don't you worry 
I can't say, here today 
We shall stay forever

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Namsangol Hanok Village (남산 한옥 마을)

Namsangol Hanok Village, also known as "A Village of Traditional Houses in the Namsan Valley", is a Korean village located in the area of central district of Seoul, South Korea where hanok (한옥) or Korean traditional houses have been restored to preserve the original atmosphere of the area.
This village has five restored traditional Korean houses and a pavilion, a pond and a time capsule, which make it a perfect spot to take a walk.

During the weekends, traditional marriages are shown at Bak Yeong Hyo's Residence. The traditional marriage ceremony is an interesting event for both Koreans and foreigners and many gather to watch. There is also a time capsule commemorating Seoul’s 600 Year Anniversary that was buried in 1994 and is scheduled to be reopened four hundred years later in 2394.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Matthias Thurow - Detour

Matthias Thurow - Cornucopia (1986)

1. Chronological Order     6:22 
2. Conquest  6:34 
3. Transmigrant  8:54 ( Tenor Saxophone – Bernd Konrad )

4. Awakening     8:00   
5. Intermission  5:33    

6. Detour  5:34  ( Oboe – Roswitha Maier )

7. Hunch 6:08     

Produced at Matthias Thurow's own computerized Studio, 1985/1986.

Matthias Thurow - Detour
(Erdenklang : New Age - Electronic)